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      First, don’t be confused by our name.  Even though our roots are deeply embedded in the Greater Hartford area, our reach spreads across the country.
      At College Planning of CT, it is our mission to help families make the hopes of a college education for their children come true.  Will you be able to afford college for your children, and STILL be able to retire?  Minimize the cost, loans AND the stress.  Maximize the aid.
     We already know this process is overwhelming and puzzling for families.  Let College Planning of CT help you solve the puzzle of paying for college.
     For many Americans, the idea of sending their children to college is a dream and a goal. But, it is also a worry for many.  A worry that starts the day their children are born.  We work with families, helping them understand, and figure out how to pay for college in a comfortable manner, for all of their children.
     We don’t focus on saving like most advisors.  And we won’t try and sell you a CHET or other state’s Section 529 plan.   Instead, we are more concerned with your immediate needs, lowering your out of pocket expenses for college, and making that other dream (RETIREMENT) a possibility too.
     In compliance with the U.S. Department of Education, we work with the families of college-bound students to: lower their out-of-pocket costs for college, choose the right schools, and guide them through the maze of paperwork to achieve their goals.
      And in partnership with Kaplan, the most well known test prep organization, you student has the best chance to ACE the SAT and ACT!  See “How We Help” for a complete listing of our services.
  • Please contact us for a free initial consultation.